We care about our children!

When should my child’s first dental visit be?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children who are at risk of early childhood cavities visit a pediatric dentist when the first teeth erupts or at the age of 1. The baby’s first visit will include oral hygiene instruction for the baby and parents, and an application of flouride varnish. The varnish acts to strengthen the teeth, making it less susceptible to cavities.

Early prevention

More than 25 percent of children have cavities by age 4 and many before the age of 2. It has also been shown that over 40 percent of children have gum inflammation. Cavities can affect children’s speech development and become a distraction at school Our goal is to prevent this and make sure your child has a long life of healthy teeth and gums.

Why is this important?

Baby teeth are important for chewing and eating. Dental cavities can cause pain and infection and decrease in appetite in children. Many times children will not inform parents of dental pain and this may cause a problem in the child’s overall health. Healthy baby teeth are also important in development of permanent teeth and jaw bone structure. Decayed or infected baby teeth can cause improper growth and development of adult teeth. When baby teeth are pulled due to infection and cares, children may often have crooked teeth as adults. Children keep their molar baby teeth up until the age of 10-12.

Movie Theater and Game Room

The key to providing quality oral healthcare for children is getting them to come to the dentist. At Brush Dental we provide a fun filled environment for your children. We always have a family friendly movie playing in our movie theater, and the latest games on the X-boxes. Our theater room has warm and fuzzy stuffed animals to keep you children smiling and comfortable.


TreatmentWe understand that sometimes even with our best efforts children still get cavities. In our office when children need treatment we provide them with the best experience possible. All of our treatment rooms have ceiling mounted TV’s that play fun filled movies and equipped nitrous oxide(laughing gas). The movies keep the children’s attention while the laughing gas keeps them calm for our doctors to work. We use state of the art equipment that is quiet and non-startling to the children and quality materials that last and keep your children healthy. We also offer tooth colored fillings and crowns, so your children can smile with confidence.Games and more

Oral Sedation

Sometimes no matter how hard we try children may not be cooperative. In these cases we offer conscious oral sedation. With the use of liquid medication and nitrous oxide administration children will have an even greater sense of calmness and relaxation. This will increase your child’s comfort level throughout the treatment. Our doctors will safely monitor your child throughout treatment.