Our Services

Diagnostic Treatment

Comprehensive Exams and X-rays – Every exam will include a thorough inspection of your mouth, teeth, gum and the head and neck region. The doctor will look for any signs of cavities, gum problems, oral cancer, and other signs of disease. Brush dental is equipped with low radiation digital x-rays that will help the dentist discern any problems you man have.


Tooth colored composite fillings – At Brush Dental, we only place tooth color fillings that are strong, esthetic, and does not contain mercury like traditional silver fillings.

Root Canals

When the tooth is infected, a root canal therapy is required to clean the tooth in order to save it.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Various methods can be employed to improve the appearance of dark, chipped, or crooked teeth. Call for a smile consultation.

Dentistry for Kids

All efforts are made to make sure our kid patients coming in smiling and leaving with a grin. The doctor and his staff have a lof patience and experience in making this happen. Our treasure trove of balloons, stickers, and toys are a huge hit with our younger patients.