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My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt; Why Does It Need to Be Extracted?

September 13, 2023

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Your average person isn’t typically very eager to have a tooth extraction, so it’s understandable that they’d wonder why they need one if the tooth isn’t causing them pain. Dental issues can be insidious enough to go unnoticed for quite a while before they start to hurt. While toothache, headache, throbbing gums, jaw pain, and fever are all signs that you might need to have a dental problem treated, that sort of discomfort usually happens only after the damage has reached a certain point. Here are some reasons why you might need a tooth extraction even when there isn’t pain.

Tooth Decay

The human mouth naturally contains bacteria that harm the teeth and can grow out of control without proper care. Tooth decay begins with a cavity, a hole caused when these bacteria begin eating their way through the hard enamel and dentin layers. Chances are that you won’t feel a cavity before it causes toothache when it reaches the nerves at the center of the tooth. A cavity can sometimes do so much damage before it reaches the center that a tooth can be beyond repair, and these cases can require extraction to prevent the infection from spreading further.

Infection Risks

Patients with compromised immune systems deal with increased risks of infection, and untreated tooth decay can allow disease-causing bacteria to spread throughout the body. In some cases, chronic tooth decay can exist without causing pain, and removing the tooth can be the best way to prevent a life-threatening infection.

Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease is called periodontitis, and it causes all sorts of nasty problems like bone loss, secondary infections, and tooth loss. Since your gums provide the sockets that your teeth need to stay attached to your body, gum disease can weaken this connection, leaving the tooth impossible to save even if it does not hurt. At this point, the tooth would just decay even if it didn’t fall out on its own. Extracting the tooth can be the best option for treating gum disease and preventing further infection.

Crowded Teeth

Some people say the more the merrier, but sometimes the mouth just doesn’t have enough room. Wisdom teeth typically come in around age twenty, and they often have a hard time fitting in. If they are allowed to stay, they might force other teeth out of alignment, which can be especially frustrating for people who have completed a course of orthodontic treatment. Many people have their wisdom teeth extracted in their early twenties for this reason.

A tooth not feeling pain can still require extraction even if the patient has been a model of excellent hygiene. Your dentist will not recommend an extraction without reason, and getting one can be a path forward to better overall oral health.

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