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Am I Too Old for Cosmetic Dentistry?

January 11, 2024

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elderly patient smiling while speaking with cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentistry has the power to restore a full, uniform look to your smile. Beyond aesthetics, it enhances the appearance of your teeth and gums, boosting confidence and self-esteem. If you’re contemplating cosmetic dentistry but fall into the older age group, you might wonder about eligibility. The good news is that these treatments offer benefits to patients of all ages. Keep reading as we explore three ways that older patients can reap the rewards of cosmetic dental procedures.

#1: Remove Discoloration

As we age, our teeth naturally lose their brightness. Various factors contribute to this, including diet, lifestyle, and genetics. Porcelain veneers represent a form of cosmetic dentistry aimed at enhancing the aesthetics of your smile. These custom-crafted, thin shells are affixed to the front surface of your teeth, effectively concealing various cosmetic flaws, including tooth discoloration.

Furthermore, dental crowns envelop the entire tooth. They seamlessly blend in with the neighboring teeth thanks to color matching.

#2: Fix Worn-Down Teeth

Tooth enamel constitutes the tough, outermost layer of the teeth, serving as a shield for the inner structures against harm. Remarkably resilient, enamel ranks as the body’s toughest substance; nevertheless, it remains susceptible to damage.

Factors such as an inadequate diet, teeth grinding, and subpar oral care hasten enamel erosion. When compromised, enamel vulnerability may result in cavities, tooth decay, and ultimately, tooth loss.

Porcelain veneers offer a solution to conceal visible tooth damage. Moreover, dental crowns serve as a viable choice for extensively damaged teeth, as they aid in safeguarding the tooth while restoring its appearance, structure, and functionality.

#3: Undergo a Complete Smile Makeover

With age, individuals may encounter a range of oral health and cosmetic concerns, including tooth discoloration and shifting. In such instances, opting for a smile makeover can present an excellent solution.

A smile makeover can include cosmetic treatments, such as tooth-colored fillings, porcelain veneers, and all-ceramic dental restorations. These treatments can be used to fix gaps, chips, discoloration, cracks, minor alignment problems, and misshapen teeth.

Even if you’re in your golden years, cosmetic dentistry may still be a good fit for you. Speak with your dentist about what treatments ma be the best option to give you a smile you’ll love for the rest of your days!

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